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Chocolate Mariners

A friend of mine sent me this video because I like videos with fabulous production quality, I like chocolate, and I like sailors.

He was right, I enjoy this on many levels of enjoyment.

The Mast brothers are chocolatiers based in Brooklyn. Their process starts when they choose their cocoa beans, sailing them from family farms in Madagascar, Venezuela, the Dominican Republic, and Ecuador. According to the producers of this video at The Scout Magazine, the boys are about to embark on a journey sailing across the Atlantic to check out some more cocoa beans in the Dominican Republic.

Seems to me they really know how to savor the best things in life.

In this video, you view a little of the process of chocolate making, hear a little of the history of chocolate making, and discover how the brothers came to love and produce their sweet, sweet candy.

The Mast Brothers from The Scout on Vimeo.

I have another friend who’s allergic to chocolate. I feel really bad for her. In fact I pity her life.

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27 Jul, 2010

Category: Video

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