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Chateau Marmont Interview

The Tremble crew was lucky enough to catch up with Parisian electronic trio Chateau Marmont as they passed through Chicago on a rare U.S. tour.

TrembleTremble: What artist in the world of music do you feel has influenced your sound most?
Chateau Marmont: all electronic pioneers of the seventies, from pink floyd to can, kraftwerk to tangerine dream. and on top of this, californian classic pop and a lot of prog stuffs.

TT: Videos of your songs feature beautiful and almost trippy animations, or your songs are paired with found footage. Are these the kinds of images you imagine when composing or are you surprised by the visuals that accompany your songs?
CM: We’re always surprised by the vision people have of our music. When we compose we think and listen in terms of geometry or sensations, feelings, emotions. When someone manages to mix all the components of the way we think creation it’s really cool. We just officially worked with a director for our “100 hundred realities” song, but in the future we’d love to do more.

TT: What would you say is the most erotic song on the album and why?
CM: It’s possibly Maison Klaus, this kind of slow disco, alan parsons type of bassline, with a moog theme, a little bit cheesy. A lot of vintage french erotic movies have this sound.

TT: Can you tell us a little bit about the videos you’re producing about your US tour?
CM: They’re made by our friend Sam, he’s on tour with us, always with his camera, discreet, funny, he’s trying to catch moments of daily life that seems interesting to show. At the beginning it was awkward to feel his presence, but with time he’s part of the environment. And we’re working on this with a big french magazine/blog so he sends material every 5 or 6 days. That will make a lot of souvenirs we’ll show to our grand children. “Look granpa, he’s vomiting in the tour-bus !” sorry for that one.

Chateau Marmont is currently working on their first full length album, which should be out in March. However, their collection of EPS “2008 2009 2010” is out now, and available here. Listen to it when you want to melt your mind with inviting-yet-somewhat-sinister sounds, or when you’re playing Final Fantasy.

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3 Nov, 2011

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