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As a designer or artist or anyone who just makes things, there inevitably comes a time when you’ve become so incredibly busy with backed up work, or some amazing life altering idea, or the finishing touches on a super rad project that you’ve completely lost weeks of your life.  I mean to the point where people are calling you and saying things like “I have ball cancer, it hurts really bad” and your response is simply “that’s crazy” because you’re cradling the phone while focusing on your computer screen or an exacto blade or a micron marker.  Maybe that’s just me…Point being, eventually that project comes to a close.  Finished.  Perfect.  Finito.  Donesville.  Now to anyone who’s not an artist this would seem like a great thing, a moment of reflection, a great swelling of pride at your own blazing outerspace-ninjaesque amazingness.  It’s not.  It sucks.  It sucks major.  Because the first question is inevitably, “alright, what’s next”.  And chances are you’ve invested so much time and effort into your previous project that the answer to that question is at best elusive and at worst non-existent.  Hey man.  It happens.  Here’s some things not to do. 

FIRST, don’t go fishing through your favorite artists websites seeing what they’re up to creatively, or to try to gain some inspiration or…well let’s face it, to try to pirate some of their other-worldly mojo.  Honestly the only thing I ever get from that line of reasoning is the crushing sense that I should have completed three projects in the time it took me to do one, and an insane rush to my sketchbook for a 2 hour angry stare-off much like those horrible horrible 3D art posters at some mall kiosk. (No dude, i don’t see a dinosaur, or a fucking space ship, all i see are colored triangles because i’m pretty sure that’s all it is and that you’re getting some weird assholeboner off watching me struggle to try to see the outline of a basketball…dick). 

SECONDLY, do not, I repeat, DO NOT return to the project in some backwards attempts to regain it’s previous excitement by making up asinine ways you could touch it up or improve it.  Point blank; you’re going to screw it up and if you’re not careful…or if you’re kinda drunk…you may end up ruining it or saving over it.  Bad news.  Trust me.  Don’t kid yourself into thinking redoing a project over again from scratch is anything other than shitty and painful.  It’s a bit like that skateboard trick your friends dared you to do halfway through a bottle of Kentucky Gentleman.  In your mind it may seem cool, and you’re probably pretty confident in your ability to pull it off, but in the end it’s just going to end up as one of those “dude remember what a jackass you were” stories that will haunt you. FOREVER. 

and THIRD…don’t get really wasted and try to do skateboard tricks for your friends…jackass. 

SO.  Here’s my advice.  Music.  I spend my downtime inbetween projects scouring youtube and grooveshark for beats and bands trying to find some new jank to rock for the next project or grooving to some crowd favorites.  I’ve found that after a few days of rocking out to some new stuff (as well as hearing a lot of garbage) you’d be amazed how easy it is to dig back into the idea vault and come up with something to tide you over creatively until the next big big thing.  So since I’m currently in one of those gut-twisting lulls in work, here’s some bands and music I’ve found and rocked out sans-cockout too for the last day.  Enjoy and here’s hoping some good ideas come your way.

Kankick – Always Groovin on a Ship on the Sea


Man…so funky, so chill.  I could crank this dude and spend an entire day just getting wasted at the beach.  And I just might.

Blue Sky Black Death -Days are Years


I dig this, but not as much as some of their other stuff i unearthed on Grooveshark.  Still Awake is a really really rad track by them.

Joey Jihad – Freestyle


Geezum.  Nasty Philadelphia underground.  This dude goes hard man. 

Quantic – Time is the Enemy


the chillest.  An oldie but a goodie. 

Ali Vegas – Life in the City


this verse always gets to me. “i speak my mind cause a closed mouth don’t get food put in it”  still amazes me this dude is not huge.

So there you have it.  Rainy day sunday jammage.  And if yer still bummed, check out this picture…

that’s MR. hustle to you bitch…  Enjoy.

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22 Mar, 2010

Category: ART


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