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Tremble Interview: Grass Giraffes

We chatted with Athens, Georgia band Grass Giraffes when they rolled through Schubas in Chicago. Check out what Eddie and the gang had to say about giving their creations away for free.

Tremble Interview: Mates of State


Husband wife team Tremble chatted with husband wife team Mates of State the last time they came through Chicago. They were so gracious, and had a lot of good advice for us as a new couple working together.

Tremble Interview: Turf War


A few months back, Atlanta, GA rockers, Turf War came through Chicago. We were lucky enough to catch up with them before and during their show. Check out the interview above.


These guys just finished up a South East tour. Be sure to check them out at SXSW, as well. I guarantee they’ll be one of the best acts you see there. Click on through to their blog over here. It’s really well done, and features some video of recent performances including a rowdy cover of “Wooly Bully” from the Soul Bar in Augusta, GA. Very tight.







M83’s Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming blows my freaking mind

M83’s newest album, Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming makes me want to lay down and cry about the beauty of life. This album is a warm velvet blanket given to you in your childhood by your favorite aunt, not the drunk one. It somehow understands the pains and joys of growing up and relates to your individual experiences as you snuggle into it’s warm, loving, warming glow.

Here. Have a taste. Enjoy this slightly creepy strangely inspiring video of Midnight City:

This epic double album was released TODAY so hurry up and buy it (harharhar). If you need to wait until payday you can always download the Midnight City single for free to tide you over until you can afford the whole shebang. The whole, glorious shebang.

Tremble Interview: Bomba Estereo

We chatted with Simón Mejía and Julian Salazar of famed Columbian group Bomba Estereo backstage at Lincoln Hall in Chicago.

Official HAHA music video for “Sikensi”

We made this music video for Tremble founder Jamie McGaw (AKA DJ HAHA).

Interview – The Interrupters: Steve James/Alex Kotlowitz


The Tremble crew was recently granted the honor of interviewing the masterminds behind the incredibly moving documentary film, The Interrupters.

Steve James and Alex Kotlowitz have made great work before, remember?  With The Interrupters, the duo manage to capture not only the desperation, but also the vibrancy and richness of an underprivileged community plagued by a pattern of violence that has recently rocked Chicago’s south side.


With assistance and training from the Ceasefire organization, violence interrupters  (many of whom we were able to meet at the viewing), along with Steve and Alex explore the process of “interrupting” violent patterns within some of the most volatile communities in the United States. Read the full synopsis here, and GO SEE THE FILM!


Thanks to the lovely folks over at Kartemquin for allowing us the privilege of conducting this interview.

Ahhh!!! Pilsen Music Festival

We worked with Young Rebel Disco this summer to put on the second annual Ahh!!! Pilsen music festival on July 31st. Check out the video we made:



Nicolux Videos

So I went to New York a couple weeks ago to do a photoshoot for my dear friend Jocelyn Negron, who is the owner+designer of Nicolux . We used to collaborate on video installation projects a lot during college, so it was just like old times. Her jewelry is so much fun, check it out.

The Director of Photography, Gary Bardiziban (who we also went to school with), was shooting on a Red EPIC camera, which was incredibly exciting for me to see in action. I’d never seen one before. It was so much fun.


© 2011 Nicolux Inc.
DP: Gary Bardiziban
Art Direction: Diana McGaw + Jocelyn Negron
Styling: Kingsley Bloom
Edited by: Diana McGaw
Music by: Jamie McGaw



A Couple stills from the photoshoot:



A Couple pictures I took while in New York:







A couple videos we made together in college a long time ago:

CHRISTINA from diana gurley on Vimeo.

Untitled from diana gurley on Vimeo.

Friday from the Vault: Lord Shorty – Sweet Music (Sofrito Edit)



Okay, so I am totally cheating on this Friday from the vault. I do not have time to do my own transfer of this song, but I SWEAR I actually own this record. I am going to cheat this morning, however. I am running a bit late for work, because my lovely wife and I went out and played REALLY bad pool for hours last night with our friend Andrew. That is a lot of background into my night particularly considering it has no bearing whatsoever on this post… Hmmm…. SWEET MUSIC!


The story behind this record is a bitter sweet one. I picked this up at Sound Garden in Baltimore at the end of a REALLY terrible trip across the country with my wife. We were both exhausted and so glad to be off the road. We were so sleep deprived that we felt jet lagged as we walked through the streets of Baltimore, zombie-like, still feeling the movement of the car even though we were walking.


I spotted this record and knew I wanted it without much prior knowledge of Lord Shorty. (I think I had heard the name at some point.) When we got back home, and I put this record on, I knew instantly it was a great decision. The record is a single, and the B-Side is a track called E-Pee-Tee. It’s fantastic as well. I will upload it when I get home from work today and add it to this post.


This and other amazing hard to find Tropicalia/African/Latin/Disco/Funk goodies are being discovered and reissued by the awesome folks at Sofrito. These cats have impeccable taste, and have some really stunning new releases coming soon.




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