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The Tremble Journey to SXSW

2/3 of the Tremble Collective have already completed their journey to Austin, TX for the South by Southwest Festival. We want to thank all the generous friends of Tremble for their support of our endeavors. Also a big thank you to the artists & hard working folks repping artists who’re heading down south and southwest to meet us. And we’ve got some fabulous interviews lined up. We’re excited to create some awesome, interesting & useful web content! We are also excited for BBQ.

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Tremble Pop: Real Friendship = Piggyback Rides

Sometimes the Internet delivers something so cute you feel you might explode with delight if you don’t share it. This is one of those things.

Now good luck getting that damn song out of your head.

Sophisticated Savagery: FaSoLa Singing

Kevin Bouldin, a Tremble friend, created this audio piece for the Nashville NPR affiliate WPLN. They run a series entitled “Upon First Meeting”, and in this episode he explores a music form that “predates both jazz and blues”.

excerpt from NPR article: “More than two hundred years after its birth, the stylings of this a capella music are still being enjoyed across the country from Manhattan to Northern Alabama to San Diego. WPLN’s Kevin Bouldin has this story about fasola and its connection to Music City.”

It is a beautiful piece. You should LISTEN.

Photo + Video by Daniel Collins.

Tremble Pop: Poocharé, the best dog food EVER

Oh, the things you can find on the Internet!

Just watch this awesomeness.

This commercial makes me want to hop into my DeLorean to grab a can, myself.

Fun Facts:

Man in blue onesie played by Eugene Levy

Voiceover done by the late, great John Candy

Werner Herzog Reads Where’s Waldo

Let’s go ahead and open up a discussion about this.

The Teen Years are Awkward and so is This Video

Come help us celebrate the new decade by coming to Tremble’s New Year’s Day Party. Starts at 9:00.

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