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The Girl in the Front Has the Easiest Job

“Buddha Avalokiteshwara with Thousand Arms”, from the China Disabled Peoples Performance Art Troupe, and all the members are deaf and mute. The choreography is by their teacher, Tai Lihua. It’s just awesome.

Ahhh!!! Pilsen Music Festival

We worked with Young Rebel Disco this summer to put on the second annual Ahh!!! Pilsen music festival on July 31st. Check out the video we made:



Nicolux Videos

So I went to New York a couple weeks ago to do a photoshoot for my dear friend Jocelyn Negron, who is the owner+designer of Nicolux . We used to collaborate on video installation projects a lot during college, so it was just like old times. Her jewelry is so much fun, check it out.

The Director of Photography, Gary Bardiziban (who we also went to school with), was shooting on a Red EPIC camera, which was incredibly exciting for me to see in action. I’d never seen one before. It was so much fun.


© 2011 Nicolux Inc.
DP: Gary Bardiziban
Art Direction: Diana McGaw + Jocelyn Negron
Styling: Kingsley Bloom
Edited by: Diana McGaw
Music by: Jamie McGaw



A Couple stills from the photoshoot:



A Couple pictures I took while in New York:







A couple videos we made together in college a long time ago:

CHRISTINA from diana gurley on Vimeo.

Untitled from diana gurley on Vimeo.

The Tremble Journey to SXSW

2/3 of the Tremble Collective have already completed their journey to Austin, TX for the South by Southwest Festival. We want to thank all the generous friends of Tremble for their support of our endeavors. Also a big thank you to the artists & hard working folks repping artists who’re heading down south and southwest to meet us. And we’ve got some fabulous interviews lined up. We’re excited to create some awesome, interesting & useful web content! We are also excited for BBQ.

For daily Tremble SXSW exploits and behind-the-scenes looks at our video creations, be sure to follow our twitter feed.

Synesthesia: Directed by Terri Timley

Amazing New Metronomy Video

Tremble Sensory Overload

Play this song by Larkin Grimm

while looking at these pictures by Erik Borst



while contemplating This
biography on Eustace Conway

Tremble Pop: Real Friendship = Piggyback Rides

Sometimes the Internet delivers something so cute you feel you might explode with delight if you don’t share it. This is one of those things.

Now good luck getting that damn song out of your head.

Tremble Pop: What Asians are Putting in Their Mouths Now

The newest fashion accessory in Japan is a mouthpiece made of LED lights that you can program to make your mouth glow in a variety of colors when you smile.

The accessory gained popularity when used as a feature in the marketing campaign of LaForet Harajuku (whose blog we borrowed these cute pictures from) – a boutique in Harajuku (which some of you may know as the “fashion district” of  Tokyo that Gwen Stefani ripped off used as inspiration for her L.A.M.B. clothing line).

Inspired by LED throwies, creators Daito Manabe & Motoi Ishibashi decided to show off their newest creation by outfitting them on young Japanese women and parading those women around the streets of Tokyo.  Which, incidentally, is how I feel all new technology should be unveiled.

It’s just weird and techy enough to be a huge hit in Japan. Will it migrate West?  Well, we did sport Silly Bandz, so why not this?  It’s not as bad as some other popular Japanese fashion trends.

Sophisticated Savagery: FaSoLa Singing

Kevin Bouldin, a Tremble friend, created this audio piece for the Nashville NPR affiliate WPLN. They run a series entitled “Upon First Meeting”, and in this episode he explores a music form that “predates both jazz and blues”.

excerpt from NPR article: “More than two hundred years after its birth, the stylings of this a capella music are still being enjoyed across the country from Manhattan to Northern Alabama to San Diego. WPLN’s Kevin Bouldin has this story about fasola and its connection to Music City.”

It is a beautiful piece. You should LISTEN.

Photo + Video by Daniel Collins.

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