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Trentemøller Interview

Danish producer Anders Trentemøller released his latest album, Reworked/Remixed last week. Tremble Tremble was lucky enough to see him as he passed through Chicago on his tour across North America. After a break-out, smash hit, dynamic, scintillating, wonder-filled, jelly bean, gum-drop fantasy wonderland daydream carnival performance with a full band at the Metro (I wish I could take credit for that description, that was all Jamie), the musician better known as Trentemøller took the time to talk to us about his new album and current tour.

TrembleTremble: The Reworked/Remixed album has has a healthy combination of remixes from different artists – from the well-known to the slightly more obscure (at least, in the US). How do you choose songs to remix? 
Trentemøller: I’ve been so lucky that all the artists that have remixed asked me. I didn’t have to go out and ask artists to remix for me. I’ve had the opportunity to remix artists that I really admire so to have that done for me is amazing. I like to remix the more unknown bands like Danish artists. Before I start working on a remix myself it has to be a really unique sound and something that I really like because I don’t want to waste my time on something that is not good.

TT: Is there a reason why you’ve reworked some of your own tracks? What’s the creative process behind reworking your own songs? Do you feel like you can improve upon them once they’ve been laid down?
T: For me, its not about improving on them because I’m always proud of the sound I make but I try to make a different version and see where you can bring a track you’ve already done and put it in a new context. It’s just a new take on a song—it was hard for me sometimes because I spend so much time on a track and to go back and work on it again is hard but then I got into the whole creative process and things started to flow. So in the beginning it was hard but in the end it was fun because I tried to take the song to a new place and that’s the challenge, I think.

TT: At the Metro in Chicago, you perform with a full band. Can you talk a little bit about how the band comes together to create the sounds originally produced by one? Is it strange to work with a band after starting as a lone producer and DJ?
T: Yes it was quite easy this time because the music on this album has a lot of band elements because I played a lot of instruments myself so it translates to live very well, whereas with my first album, it wasn’t the case. The members of my band are my good friends in Copenhagen and I trust what they’re doing because they have their own solo careers and we’ve played together before and so working with them and asking them to be in the band was easy—we have a very good vibe as friends not just as musicians and it’s something you can feel on stage when we perform.

Danish music producer Anders Trentemoller performs at the Metro in Chicago 10/18/11

TT: Has the IDM scene changed at all since your first album? Do you see a difference between the scene in Europe and the US?
T: I’m not really the right one to ask because I don’t really know about the dance scene and I don’t see myself doing electronic dance music anymore—my latest work has been rock and even surf and some classical music—I live in my own little world of music so I can’t really answer that kind of question.

TT: What’s next for Trentmøller?
T: Next is going back to the studio after this tour. I just recently built a new studio in Copenhagen with my drummer—a really cool new studio. I’m really looking forward to get into the writing process and composing again. I’ve been on tour and doing festivals for the past 2 years and I’m excited to work in the studio for the next 8 or 9 months.

Want more Trentemøller? Watch this

or click here to download his remix of Neverglade from the new album, Reworked/Remixed.

Interview – The Interrupters: Steve James/Alex Kotlowitz


The Tremble crew was recently granted the honor of interviewing the masterminds behind the incredibly moving documentary film, The Interrupters.

Steve James and Alex Kotlowitz have made great work before, remember?  With The Interrupters, the duo manage to capture not only the desperation, but also the vibrancy and richness of an underprivileged community plagued by a pattern of violence that has recently rocked Chicago’s south side.


With assistance and training from the Ceasefire organization, violence interrupters  (many of whom we were able to meet at the viewing), along with Steve and Alex explore the process of “interrupting” violent patterns within some of the most volatile communities in the United States. Read the full synopsis here, and GO SEE THE FILM!


Thanks to the lovely folks over at Kartemquin for allowing us the privilege of conducting this interview.

Tremble Interview: The Black Angels

We talked with The Black Angels frontman Alex Maas before their show at Lincoln Hall in Chicago.

Chicomann: SXSW 2011 Coverage

Chicomann, AKA – Marquitos Garcia was kind enough to chat with us right before one of his many sets during SXSW. The guitarist for Antibalas-gone-solo electro-Afrobeat/Afro Freestyle pioneer has been performing his dance-inducing “multi-tasking” live, mobile studio routine for going on six years now. Here he talks to the TT crew about his initial resistance to move into live production, the sound he’s going for, and creating Afrobeat-themed tunes without a swarm of talented musicians on stage with him. Check out what he has to say, and be sure to follow this talented fellow. He is a staple in the TT house. Go get ANALOG DRIFT, if you don’t have it. You WILL NOT stop listening to it.

SXSW 2011 Coverage: Fredrik

Soothing Swedish Experimental folk trio, Fredrik, talks to the TT crew about the overarching feel of their music, their successful marriage of folk and electronic elements, and their new record, Flora. Check out some footage of the band’s gorgeous performance at Epoch Coffee in Austin during SXSW 2011 as well as an interview with this lovely group.

Brownout! : SXSW 2011 Coverage

Mainstays of Latin Funk, Austin’s own, Brownout!  took a moment out of their RIDICULOUSLY busy SXSW schedule to speak to the TT crew right before their performance at Antone’s during SXSW. Listen up as these wildly talented young rascals talk about their influences, their musical style, and their love of making music that makes people dance. Check out their site here, and please support this exciting band however you can.

Classixx: 2011 SXSW Coverage

LA production/DJ duo, Classixx, was providing the tunes between and after the Cool Kids/Chromeo Green Label showcase at SXSW 2011. They were nice enough to take a moment to speak to us backstage about their new work, collaborating with Karl Dixon, and the LA electronic music scene. Be sure to check out their site and keep your eyes out for these jokers. They continue to do big things.



Eclectic Method: SXSW 2011 Coverage

We caught Eclectic Method right before their show with Wu Tang during SXSW.

Find out what he had to say about working with Chuck D and what’s coming down the line for Eclectic Method.

Grimes: SXSW 2011 Coverage

The Pop Montreal Showcase during SXSW at Club Deville this year was great. A number of Arbutus Records artists were on the bill, including the dashing young Grimes.

She spoke to Tremble about her voice, her visual art, and what it’s like being involved in the tour-de-force that is the Arbutus family.

SXSW 2011 Coverage – Foot Patrol

Tremble met up with blind piano prodigy, TJ Wade, and his pal/bass player, Hung Nguyen at Antone’s bar after Foot Patrol’s performance during SXSW 2011. These two are founding members of Foot Patrol, a band whose every song is about women’s feet… seriously. Just like feet, these guys are FUNKY!

Keep your eyes out for their new record, Pussyfooting, scheduled to come out this May.

Check the band out here at their official website. (There’s an interesting documentary on the band’s site that is the process of being constructed by the band’s trombone player about TJ Wade, his music, and his very real obsession with feet.)

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