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Review: Bibio – Ambivalence Avenue

You know this endless stream of bedroom band, fuzzy shoegazer lo-fi pop would be really easy for me to make fun of, utterly despise or just completely dismiss altogether…if there wasn’t so freakin much of it burning up my I-tunes right now.  Washed out, Wild Nothing, Neon Indian, let’s face it man, i’m hook line and sinker on this shit for the most part.  Maybe it’s the fact that in the sticky humid haze of my poorly air conditioned upstairs office, the idea of a song that makes me do anything other than melt into my chair and try my hardest not to sweat is just a lot more appealing than rocking some banger and trying to give myself heat stroke dancing around up there.  Or maybe i’m just a lo-fi sucker, I don’t know.  Needless to say on first recommendation alone, I was pretty stoked to hear the new Bibio album.  And while at first listen, I halfheartedly wanted to toss Bibio into that mix of bedroom fuzz poppers, and to some degree I still feel like that’s somewhat fair, I now find myself upon repeated listens having trouble branding this latest work in the same category.

From the percussion of the title track, to the shuffling, instantly catchy and funky guitar loops of Jealous Roses, to the subdued guitar strings of The Palm of Your Wave that feel more at home on an Iron & Wines b-side; Bibio has no shortage of musical tricks up his sleeve.  And with Ambivalence Avenue he weaves them perfectly into an album that is at once slightly chaotic and incoherent, and yet somehow perfectly blended.  There’s no shortage of mood shifts from the aforementioned funky loops of Jealous Roses, the haunting Haikuesque (When She Laughs), the folky Abrasion, the overtly poppy Lovers Carvings, and even a few great landmine bangers like Fire Ant and S’Vive which feature the type of up-beat hip hop vibe and experimentation with chopped percussion and samples I haven’t heard done well since Prefuse 73 was interesting.  So to those like me whose guilty pleasure is this now almost inescapable lo fi drone sound, this is by far the flagship of the fleet, and for those starting to get sick to their stomach with the distorted pining of the endless parade of bedroom rockers, don’t give up the ghost just yet, cause this album may just change your mind.

Bibio – Jealous of Roses

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Posted by: Diana

Category: Music

18 Jul, 2010

Category: Music


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  1. jamie says:

    I LIKE THIS REVIEW! This album is dope.

  2. Marissa says:

    I freaking love this album. I also feel a little geeky for being in love with the shoe-gazing genre, but I can’t help it, it’s good stuff. I recommend following up Bibio with some Atlas Sound. Preferably Logos.

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