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Banksy does Simpsons Intro

I haven’t seen this episode yet, but I want to.


Ed. Note by Marissa –

It was a well-put-together & kind of exciting piece of animation, “tagged” with private jokes like Bart writing on the the classroom walls instead of his classic chalkboard, and Banksy tags littering Springfield walls and billboards.  Then you get to the end, where the Simpson Family usually does something wacky like get chased by the FBI or get swallowed by the couch, or get abducted by aliens.  In this sequence Banksy tries to make a statement on outsourced labor by taking us to the supposed Korean animation studio where all the Simpsons in-betweens are animated (Rough Draft Studios, Inc.) – with same-faced women toiling away painting animation cells, children dipping the cells in acid; and apparently the head of shipping is a panda bear, which surprises me because it must have been expensive to bring the animal into Korea from China.  I get what Banksy is trying to say, but he may be crossing the line with a few of his sight gags.  I’m slightly Asian, myself, so I can’t help but feel like it comes off as a teensy bit racist… if not for the unicorn bit, which reminds us that you should take in this whole thing with a grain of salt.  All that aside, I’m surprised the sequence made it past company execs and into completion. What’s more, I’m surprised it made it past the Koreans animating it.

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11 Oct, 2010

Category: ART, Pop Culture, Video

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