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Anaid Namohl

We talked with German photographer Anaid Namohl, read what she had to say about this photo:

TT:This has a real photojournalistic feel, as if you happened upon the scene. Do you have a relationship to the surfer, or did you indeed just happen upon this magical moment?

AN: No, I have no realationship with this surfer. There are some places in Germany, I visit regularly. I try to understand these places better and better, a kind of dissection. And I try to transform it to a magic moment. So this is not just a snapshop, I keep my eye on this places and wait for my kind of “right moment”. Mostly I talk to the people, when I take pics and I also did it there.
It was a cold day in Munich, the temperature was – 5 degrees Celsius (is this 23 degrees Fahrenheit?). The Eisbach wave in Munich is unique, a funny fact is, that it is in the middle of the city, but this wave is tricky and dangerous. He told me, that it is possible to do it 1 hour in winter, not longer and that he try hard to minimize the contact with the water.

TT: What kind of camera did you shoot this on?

AN: I used a Nikon F4 . I had some other cameras but now I just use only this one, it feels perfect for me, to use this camera.

TT: I really love how the surfer relates to and fills out his environment in a harmonious yet unbalanced way. He is the same color as his surroundings- a muted greenish black and white. Did you purposefully do any color correction on this photo, or is this naturally how the colors came out?

AN: There is no processing, it came out this way. Sometimes there is this special light and I used a Fuji Sensia 400.

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16 Jan, 2011

Category: ART, Photo

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