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Prizzy Prizzy Please

Prizzy Prizzy Please, an awesome (for lack of a better word) Chicago band we are proud to say are friends of Tremble, are touring this summer to promote their newly released album, Chroma Cannon.

It’s hard to pin the band to a genre – they’re part punk, part synth, part indie – what it is doesn’t matter, really, so much as what they do. All the different sounds marry together to create music that’ll make even the most timid wallflower bounce like a kangaroo on a trampoline. I encourage you to have a listen before they get to Brooklyn on Friday and all the Williamsburg hipsters claim they heard them first.

Don’t believe me take it from MonkeyEatsMonkey – who created the featured video & reviewed their live show in Indianapolis last week:

Prizzy Prizzy Please exploded like a star wars supernova onto the multi-hued stage at Indy’s Radio Radio. Their decidedly geeky brand of dance-inducing arena-punk madness was kept tight and raw by singer/saxophonist Mark Pallman’s rhythmic, throat-straining delivery. And keyboardist Ted Wells does the best impression of a face-melting guitar phenom on his first space-walk that we’ve ever encountered.

If you haven’t had the opportunity to check out Prizzy Prizzy Please live, do it. Your dancing shoes will thank you.

Seriously, there has to be a better word than “awesome.”  If you can think of it, that is the word I want you to use when you think of Prizzy Prizzy Please.

~ M

** Big apologies to MonkeyEatsMonkey for accidentally accrediting their work to charlesfesta, whose blog entry was a re-blog of MonkeyEatsMonkey’s review & video. My bad. You’d think I would have caught that “MonkeyEatsMonkey Presents” at the beginning of the video. This is why we have to site our sources on the Internet, people. So that Marissa doesn’t look like an ass. Sorry, guys. Thanks for letting us use your insights & awesome vid!

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12 May, 2010

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