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Garden Beginnings


This past week I’ve been….bothered. Bothered by the fact that it was gorgeous outside with temperatures well over 60 degrees. However, there was a certain two digit forecast that hovered heavy on the screen, some kind of flaw on otherwise perfection.

The forecasters predicted Saturday March 20th to be frigid- and it was. It snowed a good 1/2 foot. Why, do you ask, was I bothered? Because that impending snowy day barred me from any possible planting in the garden all week long.

After all that tilling, planning, and purchasing- I was damned if I was going to plant before a freeze and have all our labor be for nothing.

Determined, this afternoon I rushed home from church (well if you call waiting for the Ashland bus for over 20 minutes “rushing”…) in time to scoop up all my seeds, and head to the backyard to utilize the remaining 4 hours of daylight.

But it didn’t take 4 hours!

There are many downsides of living with two strapping young men (CLEANLINESS AND HYGIENE). On the other hand, these fellows come in handy with heavy lifting and massive amounts of shoveling are needed.  So with the help of my roommate, we had phase 1 of the Cullerton garden planted in little under 3 hours!

Let me just say- I am amazed by swiss chard seedlings.

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22 Mar, 2010

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