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The Blood of St. Germain

James surprised me this morning with this delightful brunch cocktail that I would have happily paid $7.95 or more for at one of them ritzy restaurants that specialize in pancakes and close at 2PM. You know those places. I’m sure, now that I post this, I will see this drink at one of those restaurants soon enough. Whatevs, it was so refreshing and delicious I had to share. I just hope you brunch bartenders give credit where it’s due! 😉

Below is a recipe for two sizable glasses.


6 Blood Oranges

3 Meyer Lemons

4 second pour of St. Germain

Splash of Vodka

1 ice cube

6 Raspberries for garnish (And an alcohol soaked treat at the bottom of your glass)


1) Juice your Meyer Lemons (we used a hand juicer). You may toss the skins, unless you want to garnish your glass with it.

2) Juice your Blood Oranges (save the pulp, you’ll need it later).

3) Put your juices, St. Germain, Vodka, & ice cube in a blender and blend for about 2 seconds (we did this to chill the juices a bit. It adds no texture)

4) Put some orange pulp and raspberries in the glass, and pour your juice mix over it.

5) Enjoy!

We’ve decided to call it The Blood of St. Germain. We’ve actually submitted it to the St. Germain website for their recipe consideration, so even more people can enjoy its deliciousness.

You’re welcome, world.

~ M

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28 Feb, 2010

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