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Eddy Navia


My dad used to, on a yearly basis, go down and play music for the Tifton Love Affair. He said typically the other musicians were fairly average contemporary country acts.

Once, though, he came home with a cassette of a musician who had played there by the name of Eddy Navia.

Needless to say, Eddy didn’t exactly fit in at that particular festival in south Georgia. (Dad said he had a crowd of about 3 curious and slightly agitated onlookers.)

Needless to say we nearly wore out the tape but not before we had the sense  to transfer it.

Navia, a master of the charango, showcases the beautiful and misleadingly complex rhythms of South America. “Copagira” is definitely the stand out track on the album in my opinion though there are definitely no scrappers. If you ever have a chance to pick up some Navia in the store, I would HIGHLY recommend it. Beautiful stuff…

(You can also find it HERE.)



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26 Feb, 2010

Category: Music


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