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The Carpenters


If there was one group that I swore I would never, EVER listen to again, it would have been the Carpenters.  Reason being, my parents never stopped playing them when I was a kid. We listened to the Christmas album for 3 months leading up to the holiday, and every other album for the remaining 9 months.. But now that I’ve been on my own for a few years, out of the house and what-not, I’m beginning to see what my parents loved about them. This stuff is perfect music. Now looking back, I really regret the fact that I tried to hide my parent’s “Close To You” cassette tape when I was 6 years, or that I said I’d “rather listen to Amy Grant’s Christmas album this year” when I was 8.

We were all foolish once.

If the simple melody of this song doesn’t blow you away, the phenomenal drumming will when it kicks in during the pre-chorus.

My parents always knew what’s up. And I’m finally, after all these years, coming to terms with that, and the fact that I was probably conceived to the Carpenters.. And weirdly enough, that makes them a little more special…

Too weird? Whatevs..


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11 Feb, 2010

Category: Music


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