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Really easy double-sided apron with ruffles

Who doesn’t love frilly, vintage style aprons? Well I certainly do. They are incredibly easy to make, and always make great gifts. The other night, my friend (and fellow Tremble contributor) Marissa came over for a girls-night-in-craft-a-thon. The last time she had ever sat down at a sewing machine was age 9 to make barbie clothes. Needless to say, she was apprehensive when I encouraged her to make an apron.

We researched patterns together, and came across this , which we modified significantly.

I knew I wanted to add ruffles at the bottom, so instead of having a straight line for the bottom, I curved it upwards about 3 inches. Also I changed the dimensions of just about every length, and knew that I wanted an adjustable neck tie (with D Rings). So my pattern ended up looking like this:

You’ll need about 2 yards of fabric total.

I love really thick waist ties on vintage aprons, so I made them 4 inches in width. The bigger the better with waist bands, in my opinion.

Well, I wish I had the foresight to begin snapping photos of the process from the get go, but I only started half way through my project, after almost all the fabric had been cut and pressed.


1. Iron all your fabric. All of it. I am about the sloppiest seamstress in the world- the queen of just winging it. But something that I have learned is to ALWAYS press your fabric before you begin! If you don’t heed this advice, your lines with be jagged and messy. Anyway, just press all your fabric.

2. Cut all your fabric. I used the same fabric for the ruffle and the waist band, a sturdy green canvas for the neck strap (and top 1/2 of side B), some cute bird fabric for the main body of side A, and then some floral print for botom side B.

FINAL Cut Pieces:

2 pieces for the ruffle (3” x 50”)

4 pieces for the waist ties (4” x 56”)

2 pieces of sturdy canvas for neck ties. (4” x 20”) and (4” x 10”)

1 peice for body side A

1 piece for top of body side B

1 piece for bottom side B


3. Press your neck strap fabric. Fold both pieces in half lengthwise, and press. (see above) Sew each so that no raw edges are showing. Tada. Now you have some straps! Now, on the longer neck strp, weave one end through two D rings, and then fold it back on itself. Sew.

Neck ties:

(long strap)

(small strap)

(long strap sewn together with added D rings)

4. Make the ruffle. Take your two ruffle fabric peieces, and pin together right sides in. Sew together with a 1/4” seam allowance. Leave about 5” so you can pull it inside out once you’re done sewing together. Press. Then just make it a ruffle. I don’t know if I do this the correct way or not, but I just slowly sew down one side of the band while using my hands to gather fabric underneath itself like pleats. I don’t have an up close photo of this, but it’s really easy to figure out.

5. For Side B of your double sided apron, sew together the top and bottom half using a 1/4” seam allowance.

(top half)

(bottom half)

(both attached)

6. Make the waist straps. So, you should have 4 peieces of fabric all the same length. Grab two of them, pin them together right sides in, and sew together leaving a 1/4” seam allowance. Just as you did with the ruffle, leave about 5” at the end as a hole to pull the fabric through. Do this for the other two strips. Tada! Now you have two identical waist straps! (no pic)

7. Sew it all together. Ok. Now that everything has been cut, and you have a finished ruffle, neck straps, and waist band- it’s time to sew it all together! Lay Side A on the ground, right side up. Then lay your ruffle band along the bottom edge, and pin together. (making sure that the sewn side of the ruffles is along the edge of the Side A fabric. just see the picture below)

(side A fabric pinned to the ruffle)

Now that SIDE A and the ruffles are pinned together, you need to pin your waist band to the side A bird fabric. Leaving about an inch of each band exposed on the outside. See pictures below:

Pin to the bird fabric. Now add your neck straps in the same fashion, and pin them to the bird fabric. (see my awesome photoshop pic below)

Ok. One last thing to pin together before you are ready to start sewing the apron sandwhich together! The Side B fabric. Lay it oh so carefully atop everything, right side down. Pin it all together. Time to sew!

8. Sew everything together, mon! Leaving a 1/2 seam allowance, carefully sew everything together. I started from one end of the ruffles, and just sewed around the edge of the entire apron, but stopped after I sewed the second wasteband. I pulled it inside out, looked at my beautiful creation, ironed it, and then sewed the gap between the second waistband and the ruffles. And I was done!


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7 Feb, 2010

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