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Flying Burrito Brothers


It is typically at the end of a heavy spree of alcoholic self-abuse that this track comes to mind.  I suppose it doesn’t just spring to the front of it but, instead, it kind of creeps in there when entropy increases as matter and energy in the universe degrade to an infinite state of uniformity.  At that point, nothing seems to make sense; instead I log onto my facebook and start updating my status with lyrics from this particular Flying Burrito Brothers record entitled, “The Gilded Palace of Sin.”  After I have sufficiently updated my facebook status a half a dozen times in a fifteen minute period, I find myself turning to gmail where I can send out real, thoughtful emails to friends I wish I could keep in touch with.  Thankfully, though, gmail can tell when I’m drunk and makes me do algebra before it will actually send any of my nonsensical sentimental emails out.

After I sit and stare for a bit, I inevitably turn my attention to this:

At this point, I don’t even remember why I liked this song so much in the first place.

Posted by: Jamie

Category: Music, Video

7 Feb, 2010

Category: Music, Video


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