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New Place for New Tunes

OK, well technically thesixtyone has been around since 2008, but it’s new to me so I thought I’d share.

Named for the highway that “marks the origin of American music culture,” thesixtyone works kind of like Pandora, borrowing their “one-song-at-a-time & tell-me-if-you-like-it-or-not” interface. But this site stands apart, making new music hunting a less frightening experience for those who feel new tunes need to meet certain criteria before taking up space in their personal playlist (GUILTY!). It displays the information about the song you are listening to (including a “sounds like” pop-up) and information about the band, itself – such as bios and the band’s recent Twitter updates. I dig the experience because it lets you truly immerse yourself in what you’ve just discovered. Unlike Pandora, you don’t give the bot a starting point. Like most journeys of discovery, you just get up and go.

Enjoy, you Indiana Joneses of Indie Music!

~ m

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2 Feb, 2010

Category: Uncategorized


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